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Monday, April 18, 2005

Keep music live... (and all that...)

Inspired by MarkReed (who in turn was inspired by Adamant )


1 - Comment to this post telling me which of the 30 artists listed below, you have also seen perform.

2 - Take the ones from my list that you have seen (if any), and post them on your own blog.

3 - Add to those until you have 30 of your own

The first 11 are in common with MarkReed, 12 & 13 are in common with Adamant… the rest are mostly just in the order that they popped into my head (I’m sure I could make better selections if I stopped and thought for a while, but that’d be no fun)… Magnum, Meatloaf & Marillion were all in the first year I really started to go to gigs, so regardless of current perceptions they hold a special place in my heart (or at least the do if I listen to stuff they were doing back then & try to remember how it was back then, etc etc.…)

1. Beautiful South

2. Carter USM

3. Guns N Roses.

4. Henry Rollins

5. Jane's Addiction

6. Kingmaker

7. Moby

8. Neds Atomic Dustbin

9 Orbital

10. Pop Will Eat Itself

11. The Wonder Stuff

12. Duran Duran

13. Melissa Etheridge

14. Gil Scott Heron

15. My Friend the Chocolate Cake

16. Levellers

17. Simply red (oops, but I did go with my mother…)

18. Iron Maiden

19. Slipknot

20. EMF

21. Slayer

22. Megadeth

23. kiss

24. Ian Mcnabb

25. Tori Amos

26. Fields of the Nephilim

27. Jesus Jones

28. Meatloaf

29. Magnum

30. Marillion