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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Is this the best headline ever...?

(not the equity one, obviously..)

"FBI tries to fight zombie hordes" - Yay... The story doesn't live up to the hype, with a headline like that what story could..?

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

This made me chuckle this morning...

This made me chuckle this morning... So I decided to take a couple of quick pictures, and share it with the world..

I have run out of breakfast bars, so I was making some popcorn for breakfast this morning (only 240 calories, and hardly any fat, for a full bag of the smartpop microwave stuff..) Standing next to the office microwave for two and a half minutes means that my eyes wander and for the first time I look at the poster on the wall of the office kitchette... The poster is a standard inspirational 'stress relief' sort of thing with a hundred different ways to relieve stress in a funky 80s font. I have attached it so that you can get an idea of the sort of thing (even if it's a bit too small to actually read.)

Well, as you can see, one of it's design traits is to have one big word followed by a few phrases which all associate to that word. Eg.

( the big picture)
(...closely at a flower, leaf blade of grass or tree trunk)
( into the distance)

(...a cat in your lap)
(...on some music)
(...plants in your office)
(...your feet up)

all nice things but a bit new agey trying to be hip sort of thing, but to cynical early morning eyes quite nauseating.. Well I found out how much you can change one of them and skew it to the dark side by just adding a single simple word... Which makes me giggle even just thinking of it now... (bear in mind you have to lulled into that dreamy hippydippyish mode by reading the good intentions ones first..)

Someone has added just one simple word to one of the entries (which you will see on the second picture, here)

so now

(...someone "I love you")
(...a joke)

has turned into

TELL someone "I love you" as a joke...

I know it's mean which is why it makes tears of giggling joy flow down this ageing adolescent's face..